Excellent service & even better results!!!

I recommend Columbia Sitters tutoring services to any and everyone looking to take their GED or ANY major test.

 My name is Francis Frimpong, I am 19 years old. As a young Hip Hop Artist I was consumed by a hectic schedule filled with traveling and studio time, and by age 16 I was forced to leave high school early. Getting my GED was not just a personal goal but a requirement for my management company and I had 3 months to do it. I immediately started looking for a tutoring service that was local, high quality, worked with my busy schedule, and was something that I could afford. I selected Columbia Sitters and received tutoring services 3 days a week for 3 months. I couldn’t  be happier with the Columbia Sitters tutoring service. My tutor showed outstanding patience and understanding; she adapted her teaching style to fit the way I learned and thought.  I was able to pass my GED test first the time around with a  score of 98%. I can almost guarantee that without the help of my Columbia Sitters tutor I would not have passed.

 I give Columbia Sitters 5 Stars!



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